"First of all, I'm loving the new supplements (Surpass and Re3). I had a phenomenal leg workout the other day and the length of my soreness was cut in half! What on earth did you put in this stuff? Also, my focus has improved dramatically!. I have more energy during my workouts and my strength has increased. Overall I'm very impressed and will continue to use the 'pre' and 'post' stack of Surpass and Re3.
You did really well with these.†Do you think they'll be around for a long time?†If not, I need to stock up!"

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Chances are you've heard of the critical post-exercise "window of opportunity."† If not, just imagine your body as a dry sponge†super-ready to absorb all of the important nutrients that will help replenish, rebuild, and recover from the intense effects of your workout.† Re3 is specifically designed to be THE PERFECT nutrition formula†for this post-exercise period.† Give that 'dry sponge' what it craves . . . give it Re3!

It's simply your best option for ultimate recovery and physical improvement!

Re3† FAQ

hat does†Re3 contain?
Who should use Re3?
What will I experience while using Re3?
FWhy is†Re3 the best post-exercise formula?n

What does†Re3 contain?

  • Carbohydrate Replenishment Matrix consisting of amylocel, maltodextrin, d-glucose, Swedish oat starch.
  • Protein and Amino Acid Rebuilding Blend consisting of high quality whey concentrate, cold-filtered whey isolate, L-leucine.
  • Nutrient Recovery Complex consisting of creatine monohydrate, L-leucine, ascorbic acid, and alpha lipoic acid.

Who should use Re3?

Re3†is ideal for:

  • Athletes†looking for†ultimate recuperation from†competition
  • Workout enthusiasts that want to take their†RESULTS to another level
  • A hard-training athlete interested in getting the most out of every practice
  • Anyone interested in†getting stronger and feeling instantly refreshed†after†intense exercise†

What will I experience while using Re3?

From your†very first†use, you will notice a much quicker feeling of recovery and well-being†after your workout.† Refreshment within minutes!† However,†Re3 was designed to be used over a period of time and results will significantly increase†with consistent use.† So, in a nutshell, what will you experience?††Improvement every time you step foot in†the gym.† As a matter of fact, you should expect . . .

Better Recovery - Better Performance - Less Soreness

A special note - it is NOT uncommon to experience a slight tingling†in the back of your throat during†your first few sips†of Re3.† DO NOT be alarmed.† This is a result of the one of the ingredients, a powerful antioxidant called alpha lipoic acid.

Why is†Re3 the best post-exercise formula?

Re3 is the perfect nutrition for immediately after exercise because it addresses 3 key issues in a special way.† Replenishment of energy (carbohydrate) stores, rebuilding of protein structures (muscle), and maximum cellular recovery are accomplished with lightning speed.† By utilizing†specific nutrients that are easily digested and quickly assimilated, Re3 delivers vital nutrients†long before other formulas or whole food†ever gets digested.†

You ask a lot of your body - Now give it what it's asking for - Re3!

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